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Why Us

What makes us different from other discount brokers?

Other discount brokers are located in Silicon Valley, Silicon Beach or elsewhere.


We are located and work exclusively in Calabasas and know all the neighborhoods and HOAs. The Oaks, Bellagio, Park Estates . . .; we’re there

One Broker In Person All The Time

Other discount brokers are not located here; you’ll deal with a call center to remotely prepare documents and answer questions, and probably a stringer agent to look at the house, likely not getting the same person more than once. To determine a fair price, these remote discount brokers may use call center computer algorithms.

There is absolutely no way to come up with a fair comparable price without physically seeing each property visited. Condition of the interior, quality of the built-ins and build-outs, efficiency of the layout, usable space as opposed to hillside slope all must be inspected and considered. You don’t want to overbid or undersell. Would you rather have a computer algorithm or a local broker prepare a fair comparable?

No Added Costs

For House Showings - Other discount brokers may charge you extra to have someone accompany you to a house showing. Because the average buyer looks at 10 or more houses, and once they narrow the search look at one or more several times, this could add several hundred dollars or more of unexpected costs. Calabasas Discount Broker will gladly accompany you to as many showings as you like, all at no added cost. For sellers, other discount brokers won’t even take the listing unless you have a buyer already! Calabasas Discount Broker will host open houses and showings all at no additional cost.

For Documentation – Other discount brokers will provide the initial documentation, but as the process from inspection to closing progresses, may charge extra for revisions, modifications, extensions, and additional documentation. Calabasas Discount Broker will do whatever is necessary for a timely and efficient closing, including assisting in the financing process, all at no added cost.

For Marketing - When selling a house you need a complete set of pictures to attract buyers. Calabasas Discount Broker will include up to 40 full color HD photographs at no added cost. We also provide open houses, both broker and prospective buyers, all at no additional cost. Other discount brokers???

For Peace of Mind - Ask yourself before you sign the agency agreement, would you rather deal with a remote call center and stringer agents, or an in-person broker exclusively devoted to Calabasas?