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The Full Service of a Traditional Broker with the Cost Savings of a Discount Broker

When you choose Calabasas Discount Broker, we will be with you in person and onsite every step of the way, in person and on hand, with no added costs whatsoever. You will receive the full 1.25% of the purchase price with no deductions whatsoever. DON’T BE FOOLED; KNOW THE FACTS FIRST. Once you do we are confident you will use us.

  other discount brokers Calabasas Discount Broker
Devoted Exclusively to Calabasas NO YES
Deep Knowledge of Calabasas neighborhoods and HOAs NO YES
Unlimited House Visits at No Cost NO YES
Same Broker – No Stringer Agents NO YES
30 Years Experience in Real Estate and Contract Law NO YES
No additional charges for contract revisions, modifications or extensions NO YES
Same broker with you from showing to closing NO YES
For Sellers:    
Up to 40 full color HD photos at no cost NO YES
Open House and unlimited showings to prospective buyers at no cost NO YES