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Are you looking to buy, sell or rent in Calabasas? Calabasas Discount Broker will rebate 50%, that’s HALF, of the commission to you. That’s 1.25% of the total purchase price.* On a $1 million home, average sales price, $12,500 goes directly back to you to pay for closing costs, renovations, new furniture. All while receiving the highest level of service you’d expect from a traditional broker.

How Do We do It?

Besides excessive profits, the #1 expense of traditional brokers is publicity – all those mailers, newspaper ads, magazine ads, etc., to get new clients. High profile office space locations, another form of advertising, also add to your costs. Instead of paying for advertising to find you, we utilize the internet for you to find us, and we pass the savings directly back to you. It’s that simple.

Why Do We do It?

The U.S. has THE HIGHEST real estate commissions in the world.** Is it harder or more complex to buy or sell a house here than elsewhere? Not at all. Are traditional brokers taking advantage of consumers with monopoly-style pricing? ABSOLUTELY. At Calabasas Discount Broker, we feel given the financial sacrifice already involved in buying a house, there is no need to pile on excessive commission profits. If you can buy or sell a house in central London at 1.5% commission, you should be able to do the same in Calabasas.